Assisted Living in Katy, TX

Get Personalized Care at Our Assisted Living Facility

We Are Always Home for You!

Get Personalized Care at Our Assisted Living Facility

Assisted Living and Personal Care

At Always Home at Saddlehorn, we redefine assisted living by providing a home-like, personalized service in a relaxing environment.

Nestled in the calm area of Katy, Texas, our residential assisted living facility is a sanctuary designed to provide one-on-one care to our residents.

Our property, spread across a scenic 1.2 acres, is landscaped with magnificent oak trees, providing a tranquil setting for our residents. We pride ourselves in being involved in the process of care, ensuring each resident receives the attention they deserve.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes personal care, medication administration, home cooking, care management services, and more.

We understand the importance of regular medical check-ups, hence, we provide transportation to doctor appointments or make necessary arrangements.

Our commitment to continuous care extends to end-of-life care, ensuring that our residents are comfortable and cared for at all times.

At Always Home at Saddlehorn, we believe that recreational activities are vital for a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Our residents enjoy a range of activities designed to keep them active, engaged, and joyful.

We work closely with patients and families to provide care that is personalized and effective. Our unique approach allows us to understand each resident's needs and preferences, assuring a care plan that is truly tailored.

An assisted living center in Katy, TX

In this digital age, we offer tele-visits, ensuring that our residents are connected with their loved ones and medical practitioners at all times. This service offers comfort and peace of mind to both our residents and their families.

Choosing the right assisted living community can be a challenging decision. At Always Home at Saddlehorn, we strive to make that choice easier by providing a nurturing environment that feels like home.

With our personalized care service, medication management, and care management services, we ensure that our residents live their best lives in comfort and dignity.

Care Services

  • Assisted Living
  • Personal Care Service
  • Medication Management
  • Care Management Services


Provide an environment that promotes; respect, safety, and individualism in a home-like family setting, one person at a time.


To teach, train and hold accountable in this home-like family setting.